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Man can not be separated from nature, knowledge of nature helps people prepare for life better. Weather forecasting is a useful application for you to satisfy that need.
Please download our weather forecast app. You will find that today's weather is updated hourly. Weather app also has a weather report for tomorrow's weather, weather for today, also weather forecasts for 10 days.
The weather forecast app is a weather channel that lets you manage the weather anywhere with the widget system, a lock screen that lets you open the app conveniently, add places you visit to the first place. First is your current position.
Weather applications automatically detect your location each time you move from there to update the current weather information for you.
Weather information includes: atmospheric pressure, weather conditions, visibility distance, relative humidity, rainfall in different countries, dew point, wind speed and direction, in addition to forecasts. in the future 10 days, hourly weather forecasts.
Real-time temperatures, humidity, pressure, wind and wind are all included in this weather application.
Also with weather information on, the weather app also gives you a more intuitive look with optimal radar function. The weather data will be displayed on the map with the level shown by the color is easy to compare.
- Various weather parameters: temperature, wind, humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility, pressure, sunrise, sunset
- View weather information anywhere, manage them by adding frequently visited locations on the home screen.
- Hourly or daily.
- Weather supports geolocation, if you enable the current location feature, the weather will keep updating for your current location.
- Add and track weather conditions in multiple locations
- View weather forecast on the radar screen.
- Hourly, daily and weekly weather forecasts
- Intuitive visual notice.
- Convert your standard units: temperature, pressure, precipitation, wind speed, ....
Weather forecasts for one day, 10 days in the future, and hourly weather forecasts.
- Sunset time and sunrise.
- Share weather, location information with friends.
- Show weather forecast or moon phase
- Histogram charts for hourly weather forecasts and daily weather forecasts
- Weather widget and continuous notification, multiple positions on the widget
- Option to set lock screen with live weather information
- Provides weather even GPS is not enabled.
- Currently the application only supports English, in the next version we will support more languages
- We will do our best to make this daily weather app better and better. Please feedback to us by mail box on the application if you have any suggestions.
Please download this great weather app for your pc to get useful information for the plan in life.

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